Your success, our success

Kuatro Carpets offers its clients an extensive repertoire of top-level promotional material to be used in the showroom or point of sale.

We are aware that samples play an important role in selling as they provide the opportunity to feel the quality of the material and appreciate the finish of the products.

We offer the rug samples and our catalogs individually or in an elegant box containing a representative set of our collections.


  • Catalog · Issue 5

    Inside, you will discover 20 exceptional collections. From iconic classics to modern and artistic creations. Explore timeless pieces like the Divina collection, which embodies vitality and elegance, or immerse yourself in the clean lines and versatility of Shape.

  • Price List 2024 / 5.1

    Discover our rates for professionals.

  • Catalog · Issue 3

    With this catalogue, we want to offer our customers a variety of high-quality rugs, with a touch of individuality and personality. We design our rugs in Spain and manufacture them in our own factories, mainly in India. We also offer our clients the opportunity to be designers and create the rug of their dreams. We turn creativity into beauty, elegance and, above all, into a cozy home.

  • Catalog · Preview Issue 4

    We have prepared a preview of our next catalogue, Issue 4: soft textures, bright colors and collections that will give personality to your spaces.

  • Mai Mai

    The kilims from our MAI MAI collection appeal to lovers of finely crafted products with their timeless weaves and fascinating history. With these kilims, we continue a tradition that is several hundred years old, even dating back to ancient times. The extraordinary weaving technique is especially prized for its square grid, traditionally inspired patterns and richness of color. Experience a fresh and personal touch in your home with this collection.