Nometri Showroom

Showroom Nometri

It is not always easy to combine and relate elements, equipment or materials in a space when we consider going beyond conventional neutral combinations or natural materials. But with the right palette, the result is captivating and extremely personal.

The interior design studio Nometri has managed to generate different environments in the design of its new Showroom in Madrid. They emerged from the idea of ​​a contemporary home and new ways of living, which transmit a perfect fusion between shapes, volumes, materiality, texture and color. Eclectic spaces made up of teams from various brands of which Kuatro Carpets is a part.

We find the Privilege rug, Pink Gray finish, in front of the main piece of furniture in the living room; contributing to the whole its significant visual texture and the cozy touch with the palette of pinks, reds and bluish grays. Its soft and warm touch comes from the mix of 80% bamboo silk and 20% wool.

Nometri integrates the Geomy model into the calm and harmonious master bedroom, hand-woven and 100% natural wool, as a contrast element with the organic shapes that can be seen both in the wallpaper on the main wall and in the textile of the cushions. in bed.

Designer: Nometri

Photography: Lupe Clemente